The impact of DHS shutdown on border residents in McAllen

What would happen at the U.S./Mexican border if the Department of Homeland Security shut down? Residents of McAllen, Texas explain how it would impact those near the border and the implications for the rest of the country.

For sale: One town

(WXIA) You'll find all sorts of things for sale on Craigslist and eBay, including a small southern town. Downtown Grantville, Georgia is currently for sale on eBay.

Fighting cancer with cocoa

Young Colorado boy braves the cold to sell hot cocoa and cider to raise funds for Denver's Children's Hospital. Jonathan Gonzalez reports.

Receiving the gift of sound

(WTWO) An Indiana mother has received the best gift she could ask for: her hearing. Mother of five Melissa Santo has been dealing with hearing loss most of her life.

Hockey team escapes roof collapse

Youth hockey coaches hailed as heroes for rushing players to safety as ice rink roof collapses during practice. Jeff Saperstone reports.

Over 300 ESCO Marine employees looking for answers

The shutdown of ESCO Marine in the Port of Brownsville has left 336 people without a job, and without warning. Workforce Solutions met with some of those workers today to provide some advice.

Nearly 350 Willacy County Correctional Center employees laid off

In Raymondville, a total of 350 workers are being let go. As of right now, nearly 100 people from the Willacy County Correctional Center are out of a job and almost 250 more will be laid off over the next week.

Risks on the Rio Grande

For illegal immigrants entering the country through the Valley, the sight of the Rio Grande may be a beacon of hope.  However, Border Patrol  says more and more often they see people, and their dreams drown.

20+ states have 'til midnight for evidence against immigration action

Today, the twenty plus states which filed suit against President Obama's immigration action have until midnight to respond with evidence to prove the action could cause irreparable harm to their states.

Former La Joya ISD mariachi teacher pleads guilty to possession of child pornography

A former La Joya ISD teacher has been convicted for possessing child pornography images today.