Loughner In Court

Wednesday, March 9, 2011 - 3:48pm

Accused Tucson gunman Jared Loughner in court as more charges are added.

It has been two months and a day since the deadly attack in Tucson.

This afternoon the man accused, Jared Lee Loughner, returns to a federal courtroom where he'll formally face more charges, 49 in all.

"This indictment is comprehensive and is solid it covers all of the murdered and injured victims," says US Attorney Dennis K. Burke.

Suzi Hileman was one of the 13 injured.

She continues to struggle with her physical and mental recovery, always thinking of her young neighbor, 9-year-old Christina Taylor Green.

Hileman was holding Christina's hand when she was gunned down that morning, a memory she will carry into the courtroom.

"If Christina was here I would take her with me and we would watch, and we'd hold each other's hand and make each other be brave, because it's not often you're in the presence of evil," she says.

Today's hearing is still the opening stage of what is sure to be a long and complicated legal process.

Prosecutors who say videos show Loughner "may have mental issues" and are requesting a court ordered psychiatric exam to see if he is competent to stand trial.

Judge Larry Burns has suggested the trial could begin in late September, though Loughner's defense team is now requesting a delay, telling the court it will take at least two years to build their case.

Judge Burns will also consider a request from prosecutors that Loughner provide a handwriting sample to compare with evidence taken from his home.

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