Lucky dog survives leap

(WHO) A lucky dog is recovering after surviving a jumping off a two-story Des Moines, Iowa viaduct.

Poison meatballs target pets

(KSL) A Sandy, Utah man says someone is trying to poison his pet. Drew Tovey discovered five meatballs stuffed with Tylenol PM in his yard Monday afternoon. The pills would have been enough to kill his pit bull, Riot.

Sharper enters guilty plea

Former NFL player Darren Sharper enters guilty plea to Las Vegas attempted sexual assault. He's been accused of drugging and raping women in four cities. Sandra Gonzalez reports.

Caught on cam: Fiery rescue

(WXIA) Footage from a body camera captured a Griffin, Georgia police sergeant's heroic rescue of a 3-year-old from a house fire.

Moms take on bullies

Two Fresno, California mothers have been arrested after entering a middle school cafeteria and confronting two students accused of bullying their children. Lucero Benitez reports.

House wired to explode

(NECN) A house set to go on sale in Milton, Massachusetts, was wired to explode if someone flipped a light switch, police said Tuesday.

Saturday's Sunrise Begins a Week of Very Warm Days

When that giant nuclear furnace rises Saturday morning, know one thing:  the next seven days will be above normal (sometimes WAY above normal) on temperatures. 

49 years overdue

(KOB) Librarians in Albuquerque, New Mexico are stunned after someone turned in a book nearly five decades overdue.

4 dead in execution-style shooting

(WTHR) Four people were found dead of an apparent execution-style shooting in Indianapolis, Indiana on Tuesday morning. Officials said that there were signs of forced entry into the home, and that the place has been ransacked.

Protecting your privacy

Tech guru PC Mike Wendland looks at apps designed to keep your private information private.