Caught on cam: Jail break!

(KTVB) Police are searching for a man who broke out of Idaho's Payette County Jail just after 8:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Drone delays medical flight

Helicopter with injured patient on board unable to land at Ohio hospital due to drone hovering near hospital. Brooke Moore reports.

Black mold: Flood woes worsen

(WDIV) Almost three weeks later, Michigan's historic flood is still making headlines. While many are still working on the storm cleanup, there's a new health hazard growing for families in one Warren community.

Another Tropical Concern Next Week?

The Valley received a good round of t-showers on Friday, delivering over an inch and a half to McAllen and surrounding areas.  This was caused by a simple low pressure system parked just off shore.  It never strengthened into anything

Bird battle escalates

Audubon Society asks Minnesota governor to join push for special glass panels on the new Vikings Stadium that they claim will reduce bird deaths. John Croman reports.

Visually impaired runner circles the United States to raise awareness of cystic fibrosis

(WEAU) A visually impaired Illinois man is running across the country to raise money for cystic fibrosis.

Labor Day traffic hits the Texas

The holiday travel is well underway. The increase in traffic today is noticeable in town and out.

Brownsville welcomes a new Toyota dealership

Yet another ground breaking today in the valley. This time, a Toyota dealership in Brownsville. The dealership will be located on a 12 acre lot next to the Brownsville Sports Park.

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge raises more than $100 million

In just 30 days, donations from the Ice Bucket Challenge to fight ALS have surpassed the $100 million dollar mark. The ALS Association announced that milestone today, as celebrities and ordinary citizens keep issuing challenges.

Following complaints, crosswalk added in school zone

It didn't take too long for the City of Brownsville to link up with the Texas Department of Transportation in regards to there being no crosswalk to allow students to safely make their way to Vermillion Elementary or Rivera High School.