No smoking employees?

Pima County, Arizona considers a hiring ban on smokers, citing $13 million a year in smoking related expenses. Lauren Reimer reports.

Working like a dog

(KTTC) One unique employee of a Rochester, Minnesota store is giving new meaning to the expression "working like a dog" with his wildly hospitable service all while wearing an enormous toothy grin.

Santa surprise!

Father returning from military service in South Korea surprises his 6-year-old son at school, arriving in disguise as Santa. Larry Flowers reports.

Threats shut down schools

Classes at all schools in two Maine towns have been canceled for a third day following threats made to the district. Samantha Edwards reports.

Smartphone hands offer total control

(KPRC) A Texas man is back on the job just six months after losing both of his hands. Scott Carrikerworked as an electrical lineman and was shocked accidentally gripping a power line.

Winter Begins Sunday!

Though we'll never see a scene like this one in the RGV, we will be cooler for the weekend ahead with highs mainly in the upper 60s and cloudy skies.  It's a good thing we will not be 80 on Sunday evening because winter officially

Man walks from El Paso to Brownsville

After more than 1000 miles, a pair of shoes, and a few Forrest Gump references, one man has almost completed his long walking journey along the border wall from El Paso to Brownsville, all for the sake of writing a book.

Angie's List report: auto detailing for every budget

There’s nothing like the look, feel and smell of a brand new car. Unfortunately, it doesn’t last. While it’s impossible to keep your car in flawless condition, you can make it clean and shiny again.

Cattle Tick Quarantine Update

An update on the cattle tick temporary preventative quarantine area (TPQA) that was established in Cameron County back in October.

Brownsville Moody Clinic's Annual Christmas

The holiday celebrations continue around the valley. Today, Brownsville’s Moody Clinic brought Christmas early to their special children.