Handcuffed behind the wheel!

(WPXI) Newly released dashcam video shows how fast a handcuffed woman traveled while she led officers on a chase in a stolen police cruiser outside of Pittsburgh earlier this month.

Helmet cam highlights rescue

(KSEE) Helmet-cam video from the Fresno Fire Department shows the dramatic rescue of three young children from a burning apartment building Sunday. The children suffered smoke inhalation and remain in critical condition.

Teen killed playing with gun

(WDIV) The father of a 14-year-old girl who was shot and killed while babysitting two younger children at a Detroit, Michigan home has been arrested on a gun charge.

Dirty delivery: Driver pees on house

(KPRC) A seasonal delivery driver for UPS is out of a job after being caught on home surveillance video damaging a package and urinating on the side of a Houston, Texas house. The incident happened on January 8th.

Collision course

In Washington, President Obama's back from Saudi Arabia. Today he's giving remarks at a goodbye event for Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

Why Does the Rain Make Us Feel Good? Negative Ions, of course!

It's Super Bowl weekend on Newscenter 23, and I feel good!  So is it the football or all those "negative ions" floating around making me feel alert and energetic?

Wing places prep for Sunday's big game

A national study estimates that 1.2 billion wings will be consumed on Sunday for the big game.

White House announces plan to send $1B in aid to Central America

'It's been proven that fences don't work.' That's the message from Congressman Filemon Vela who fought to stop a bill that would put up additional fencing on Mexico border.

South Padre Island receives $400,000 for new city park

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission has awarded more than $8 million grant dollars to qualifying cities all across Texas for the construction of community parks.