Zoo Officials Welcome Baby Silverback Gorilla

Friday, January 27, 2012 - 9:39am

BROWNSVILLE - A couple of Silverback gorillas are proud parents to a new baby gorilla who was born eleven days ago.

The baby gorilla was born to momma Martha and papa Moja in mid-January and zoo keepers say while Moja hasn't been too hands on he's definitely been overseeing the safety of mother and baby. Martha on the other hand has kept a close grip and baby since the day it was born. Gladys Porter Zoo Spokesperson Cristina Caballero said, "Mother and baby dynamic are pretty special right now, it's really something unique to see, she's being protective of the baby. She can be seen swaddling the baby all day long and cuddling and giving him kisses, so it's quite a site to see."

The baby Silverback has yet to be given a name and the zoo is considering about having a contest to name the baby.

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