Your Money Or Your Pinky

Thursday, March 10, 2011 - 9:33am

Man kidnaps woman, cuts off finger over $80 debt.

Albuquerque police are trying to find two men who are accused of kidnapping a woman and cutting off one of her fingers off over an $80 debt.

Samantha Hernandez was dropped off by two men at a Walmart on Friday after her horrifying ordeal in the mountains that left her with just nine fingers.

Albuquerque police later arrested Kari Pacheco and charged her with kidnapping and conspiracy.

Investigators say she was involved in the kidnapping along with two of Hernandez's friends.

The ordeal began when Hernandez needed a ride from Sandia Casino.

She called two men whom she described as friends and they came and picked her up.

Hernandez was brought to an apartment complex, where Pacheco was waiting.

Then police say Hernandez was thrown in the back of a trunk, driven about two hours to a mountainous area, and was then taken out and told to sit on a rock.

One of the men then beat her up claiming she owed him $80, and then cut off her pinky finger with a pair of shears.

Hernandez told police she was thrown in the trunk of an older blue 4-door sedan.

Police say her grandparents gave her the $80 to pay off the suspect who cut off her finger.

Hernandez was treated at Presbyterian Hospital.

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