Years Of Love

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 - 3:14pm

Couple looks back on decades of love on Valentine's Day.

The flame still burns for the Mike and Dean Hollis of Bourbon, Missouri.

They're celebrating 65 years of marriage.

"First time I seen her, I thought that's it," said Dean Hollis. "I was unloading watermelons and her and her sister came walking down and I thought, yunno, I'm gonna try and take her out. Love at first sight, I'd guess you say."

Love at first sight for him anyway.

"I didn't even see him then," she said

"She always walked up with the nose up in the air, she missed me," said Dean.

Dean finally did get his future wife's attention.

One day while driving to work, he spotted her walking, wearing this exact dress, made of a very thin material.

Instead of offering her a ride, he drove behind her for the next half mile.

"He followed behind me," she said. "He wouldn't pick me up. It was raining and he thought the dress was gonna shrink."

We'll leave the rest of that story to your imagination.

The point is, she finally took notice of Dean.

They would have a wedding to remember since the preacher forgot to show up.

They would eventually track down the preacher and get hitched that night.

Ever since they exchanged vows in 1947, it's been one big adventure for the 85 and 86 year old.

Mike is her name, a unique name for a lady with a unique personality to match.

She's been the passenger in planes with no doors, she's been driving in race cars, and she recently went ziplining.

"Whatever she wants to do, I go along with it," said Dean.

The secret to their marriage really isn't a secret at all.

"Everything's been not roses all the time, but we know if we die today we've had a decent life," said Mike.


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