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Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 2:19pm

Parents quit their jobs to help with daughter's booming internet toy business.

A West Bloomfield, Michigan girl is CEO of her own company.

"It all began one day I was going to make my husband Rick a zipper pull for his fleece sweater, and I said it out loud and Hannah said lets make a business out of it," said Lauren Altman, Hannah's mother.

Hannah Altman and her family created and about three years ago.

"We walked into a pizza restaurant and Hannah saw a vending machine and she begged my husband for a quarter when she saw a pencil topper in a vending machine," said Lauren Altman.

"They were just really cute little pencil toppers, at the time they were bright colors and they caught my eye. I just liked them so much, I really wanted to start a business," said Hannah Altman, CEO of Hannah's Cool World.

"I said 'Don't waste your money on that' and finally after she kept asking I said 'OK here is a few quarters' and she discovered these little pencil tops," said Rick Altman, Hannah's father.

"I just liked them so much, I really wanted to start a business," said Hannah.

This Internet business is no lemonade stand.

"Since Hannah's Cool World started, we sold over 100,000 pencil toppers alone on Hannah's website," said Lauren Altman.

The pencil toppers are known as Squishies. Hannah's websites also sell Pig Poppers, Gomu, Jasper Pals, Rascools, Blockheads and Crazy Bones.

The biggest seller is the Japanese erasers.

The company is selling product in every state, Europe and Australia.

Hannah still goes to school, does her homework in the afternoon and then focuses on her business.

She makes the buying decisions.

"We sell toys around my age then I think 'Would my friends want this?' If I like it, most people would would probably like it," said Hannah.

Last May, Hannah's father quit his other job to focus full time on the family's growing Internet businesses.

To check out Hannah's websites: and

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