Yacht Runs Aground

Monday, December 17, 2012 - 3:56pm

Crews work to save stranded boat.

The Coast Guard says a yacht that washed ashore on Florida's Vilano Beach will stay put until Monday.

The 64-foot vessel ran aground Saturday afternoon and drew dozens of spectators. Joyce Shannon says she saw it drift ashore.

"The whole thing started about 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Immediately we came down and saw the boat drifting out there and by 10:30 at night the police were out there and the fire truck, and it was running aground here and they were trying to stabilize it."

The Coast Guard says a mother-daughter crew was on-board when the vessel hit ground damaging the propeller.

"The vessel anchored to stay put and wait for help and then unfortunately their anchor chain broke free and the vessel end up washing up on the beach at Vilano Beach in St. Augustine...They were in about chest deep water. Local emergency responders here in St Augustine helped them get safely to shore and then they were taken to the hospital," said Petty Officer First Class Lauren Jorgensen.

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