Would-Be Robber Shot

Thursday, September 20, 2012 - 2:23pm

Bank security guard shoots robber armed with toy gun.

A would-be bank robber's plans were thwarted Wednesday when a security guard shot him in the knee.

Police say the suspect tried to rob the Citizens Trust in Decatur, Georgia just minutes after it opened.

The FBI will not release the name of the suspect until it has filed federal charges, but Dekalb County Police already have him on aggravated assault and criminal intent to commit armed robbery.

Investigators say the suspect tried to rob the bank using what appeared to be a plastic toy gun.

It took police about an hour to interview witnesses, who one by one left the bank a bit frazzled but relieved.

Shaun German-Tucker says her mother-in-law was there as an armed, and very aggressive man demanded money.

"She said everything happened so fast, coming in doing a daily routine of coming into the bank and I guess someone came in and had some other plans," said German-Tucker.

The security guard had no intention of letting the suspect get away with it.

"The security guard confronted the suspect, the suspect made an aggressive movement toward the security guard and he fired several rounds. The suspect was struck in the knee," said Dekalb County Police spokesperson, Lt. Pam Kunz.

An employee's leg was also grazed.

She was treated and back at the bank within an hour.

Customers showing up later on the scene praised the guard's actions.

"He did his job, he did it correctly and yes I would say he's a hero. He kept other people probably from getting hurt," said Frank Crawford.

Frank Crawford has been with the bank for nearly 20 years.

He says the bank has been robbed twice before and that the tellers now sit behind glass.

Still he has no hesitation coming back.

Investigators reviewed video from the security cameras to see if there was a get-away driver waiting outside, but say right now, they believe the suspect acted alone.

The suspect was still at an area hospital Wednesday evening, after surgery to repair the damage to his knee.

Neither the guard nor bank would talk about the incident.

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