Wood Orders a Recount After Losing County Judge Race

Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 8:31am

Wood lost by 80 votes

A close race it was for the Cameron County Judge seat. Incumbent, Carlos Cascos, won but not by much. Only 80 votes determined who would be county judge for the next four years. But democratic challenger, John Wood, who was up by hundreds of votes most of the night, isn't going down so easily.

"It's just too narrow to let the public and county down without going through some process, whether it'd be a recount or other process."

Winner and current judge knew this fight would be one of the toughest for him.

"I was the underdog in this race just by the mere fact that this is a democratic county. I was running not only against john wood but the whole democratic machines."

Although the incumbent took the lead early in the night when early votes were counted, challenger Wood came from behind with Election Day votes for most of the evening until the very last hour.

"It was close. I expected it to be a close race. And it's a lot closer than what anyone expected it to be with the total numbers that were out and the small margin of difference is an extremely close race."

"I always had the thought that it'd be a close race and that a straight ticket vote that was going to defeat me."

But whether people voted straight ticket or not, Cascos came out on top at the very end, defeating his opponent by 80 votes. Cascos received 20,622 votes to Wood's 20,542.

Wood has asked election's office to recount the votes for the people of Cameron County. The elections administrator tells us it costs $100 for every precinct that's re-counted.

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