Women steal cart of beer, pepper spray employees

Women steal cart of beer, pepper spray employees
Sunday, July 7, 2013 - 12:12pm

A brazen beer theft at a Walmart in South Carolina leaves shoppers skaken up, Drew Smith talked to some of them.

Shoppers like Barbara Littlejohn are troubled by the scene captured in these Walmart surveillance photos.

I don't like that, I think that's awful.

This happened in Gaffney, police say these two women loaded up a cart with a lot of beer and in the process of escaping the store, pepper sprayed two workers and a customer.

We shouldn't have to be subjected to things like that.

Police tell us they're comparing the Gaffney photos with surveillance pictures taken in Greenville County in late June.

They're not positive the two are connected just yet, but say the similarities are obvious.

Some people expect stiff punishment if these two women are convicted.

It should be an armed robbery because that is a weapon.

We stopped into several local pawn shops, where pepper spray is a hot selling item.

Owners say most people buy the product for self defense.

We asked police about people using the spray as a weapon while committing a crime.

Officers admit it's happening more often and it won't go unpunished.

It was so horrible and i'm like why are they spraying that spray like that.

Marva McClain says she's experienced something similar to the victims in this Walmart case.

A few years ago, she says a mall security guard chased someone and that person used pepper spray, all while McClain stood nearby.

Burned my eyes everything and then my throat was feeling really terrible I was coughing, coughing like I was never going to stop coughing.

Meanwhile, shoppers at Walmart are taking a good look at the photos police put out hoping these women are caught.

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