Woman's kayak attacked by Alligators

Thursday, July 4, 2013 - 10:25am

Dispatcher: Are you by yourself? Woman: Yes, of course.

The woman stuck in the middle of nature tried to stay calm and even let out a littel laugh, but in all reality she wasn't alone.

Woman: I think I went down the wrong trail. I meant to go down the canoe kayak trail.

While on the trail, an alligator attacked this kayak, you can see thebig bite he took of it.

Dispatcher: Yea, an alligator attacked her boat and she's in an inflatable and there were two others there.

Woman: He didn't get me, but I'm stuck and there are two very large alligators out here and I can't kayak, I'm, I'm, I'm sinking.

We talked to one of the rescuers who braved the water to find her.

She was in her kayak. The kayak was partially deflated. She was very panicked, frantic We told her to calm down we're going to take care of her.

The lieutenant said they are trained, but never know what to expect in nature.

"We've had situations where we've had individuals get attacked by snakes - but usually not gators."

Uninjured but needing help, eventually an airboat rescued her and she managed to escape the gators.

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