Woman uses Facebook to find her dog's killer

Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 11:24am

A Texas woman is using Facebook to help find her dog's killer. People are donating money that will be used as a reward when the killer is found, Phil Archer has the story.

Tara Dahnke's animals are her pleasure and profession. A trainer by trade, her small ranch, near a field store, is stocked with horses, cats and dogs.

When someone driving by shot and killed Beau's mate, Bodie, it was as if they took a member of Dahnke's family, "We weren't able to help her, be with her. She was scared to death of gunshots so I hate that she had to die in that manner."

Dahnke's grief turned to anger, she posted the news to her Facebook page and she discovered a way to go after the killer.

Tara Dahnke, "I was just amazed at the tremendous response from all over the country and the world and people started saying they wanted to donate to start a reward."

In a week's time, she's raised more than $4,500 from animal lovers all across the country.

Tara Dahnke, "If nothing else it will deter them from doing it again, and hopefully they're shaking in their boots."

It won't bring Bodie back, but she hopes it might give some purpose to dog's senseless death and her family's grief, "It would help, it would help to find whoever did this and stop them, it would help."

The Waller County Sheriff's Department is investigating the shooting, but at this point it doesn't have any leads. They are asking anyone with information to give investigators a call and they're hoping the reward Dahnke has raised will be the tool that turns up the killer.

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