Woman Receives Face Transplant

Wednesday, February 27, 2013 - 4:11pm

A Vermont woman has become the latest of a handful of patients to receive a face transplant.

After a brutal attack in 2007 left her severely disfigured, a vermont woman has become the latest in only a handful of patients who've received a face transplant.

A warning, though, some of the video may be disturbing.

The "before" pictures of Carmen Blandin Tarleton, a nurse and mother of two and the "after" are the result of a brutal attack by her estranged husband in 2007.

He'd doused her with industrial strength lye, burning 80-percent of her body, leaving her with limited eye sight and a disfigured face.

This past month, Carmen became the 5th person to receive a full face transplant at Brigham and women's hospital in Boston..

Doctor Bohdan Pomahac led the surgical team, he was also on duty nearly 6 years ago when Carmen was first air lifted to the hospital after the attack.

The team of surgeons, nurses and other hospital staff took 15 hours to transplant donor skin onto Carmen's neck and face, including a nose, lips, muscles, arteries and nerves.

Carmen says the healing process has included forgiving her attacker.

Her estranged husband, by the way, received a minimum 30-year sentence.

Erika Edwards, NBC News.

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