Woman to give birth to third set of twins


POSTED: Saturday, December 28, 2013 - 8:34am

UPDATED: Saturday, December 28, 2013 - 8:59am

Imagine starting the New Year, giving birth to twins! Once Central Texas mother is about to have a third set of fraternal twins. Come next week, she'll have eight children in all, Robert Hadlock has the story.


As you'd expect from 5 year-old Dee Air'ek and his twin Dee Ron, life's about playing outside.

Watching nearby, are older, twin siblings Brion and Breeyana. These 10 year-olds are mulling over what two, new faces, will mean for them.

Breon, "I have to do a lot of stuff. It makes it harder cuz I gotta do more stuff."

But mom Chanel says she's grateful for the help, recalling the day she found out this latest pregnancy would yield not one, but again, for a third time, two babies, "And this time I was like, 'are you serious?'"

An ultrasound photo shows the latest additions nestled together in the womb and about to meet the world, Chanel Thibodeaux,  "At first it was a joke, and I looked and there's really two babies in there."

The children's grandma is just plain excited, Pamela Jones, "It's a blessing. there's people who can't have children, and she can't stop! It's amazing. I'm happy."

In fact, grandma Pam has named her daughter Chanel's soon to be arrivals, Lauryn and Londyn. They're due by C section on Monday.

Mom is just in her late 20's, these latest two will be her 7th and 8th babies in a decade and she knows what the next couple of months look like, "I'll be pulling out my hair. "

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