Woman concerned about being overcharged by RV manager on electrical bill


POSTED: Friday, January 10, 2014 - 8:41am

UPDATED: Tuesday, February 4, 2014 - 7:39am

A Harlingen woman is concerned she and other residents living in her RV park might be getting over charged for their electricity usage, Na'Tassia Finley has more on the struggles she's having with the RV park manager.

Too much mentally and much financially, Deborah Padgett, has lived at a Harlingen RV park for the past six months.

Since Saturday though, she's had to relocate to a hotel after the man who runs the RV park cut her electricity off. While this is the first time the electricity was cut-off, she says the problem dates back a few months.

Deborah Padgett, "I gave him $50 for the electric and kept waiting for my change cause he said it wouldn't be more than $30 and then when I gave him the $50 he said I still owed him $45 more at that time and then the next month it was something like $100, $150 and the months after that up and up and up."

She claims one month her electric bill was $261. She finds that hard to believe considering her RV is only 12 'x 27' long and doesn't even have an air conditioning or heating unit.

Padgett thinks something is definitely up, "I asked him what the name of the electric company is because I wanted to contact them and have them check my meter, cause there's something wrong, theres no way I'm using that much electric."

According to her, the manager of the park has been withholding that information and refuses to show her any type of bill.

She's now stuck at a motel while her electricity is off, but she's not sitting idle. So far, she's made contact with the police department, the Justice of the Peace and Adult Protective Services. All are looking into the matter, NewsCenter 23 even found proof that APS made a home visit to check on her after learning of her situation.

NewsCenter 23 attempted to make contact with the RV park manager at his home and over the phone with no response.

Padgett worries others are also being taken advantage of at the RV park.

As of now, Padgett continues sorting out the electricity issue with the RV park, a local church has paid for her to stay in her hotel for at least one more night.

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I am the woman in this article and my electric is still not turned on, despite promise after promise. It is now 2 weeks since it was shut off. I am out of money, candles and patience. I am so discouraged, I am on the brink of giving up entirely.

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