Winter Weather

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 3:17pm

Thousands of travelers remain stranded as airports in the Northeast continue to catch up from this week's blizzard.

As communities across the Northeast continue to try and dig out from blizzard conditions, a new storm system is threatening another section of the country. All of the weather causing major delays and problems even in areas without snow.

Times Square is clear and ready for New Year's Eve.

But much of New York and New Jersey are still buried in snow and it may be the first of the year before many are able to dig out.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg says "city using every resource to get five boroughs up and running."

Roadways are littered with stuck or stalled buses and stranded cars,
adding to the frustration.

Mayor Bloomberg says "Monday we received 48,000 calls to 911, 6th largest in history."

Ambulances and other first responders held back by all of the snow.

Mayor Bloomberg says "took hours to reach patients."

New York Ambulance Supervisor Moishe Wulliger says "I remember snows probably for 40 years and its never been so bad."

It's gone from bad to worse at airports across the country. Lingering for three long nights as many passengers camp out waiting for a flight. Thousands of trips have been delayed or canceled. The effects of the storm stretching through Cincinnati, Chicago, Minneapolis and Atlanta, even reaching areas like Orlando and San Francisco.

Travel expert Mike Pangia says "it's like a domino effect. once you cancel flights in one area, planes can't get to other cities, even if other cities are not affected by snow."

Cities that have watched the Northeast try to dig out but now are bracing for their own winter blast.

As a new system begins to spread snow and ice, leaving slick and dangerous road conditions in washington state and a fresh blanket of powder across the Sierra Nevadas.

Meteorologists say that new storm system isn't expected to bring the same blizzard like conditions to the East Coast as the one that swept across the country last week.

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