Winter Weather

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 - 4:12pm

The icy blast across much of Florida, the Southeast, and Mid-Atlantic.

Bitter cold temperatures continue to persist across much of the country today. It's the result of an arctic air mass pushing down from Canada.

From Maine to Miami and across the Midwest it's an early taste of winter. It's beginning to look a lot like January.

Temperatures more typical for mid-winter than early December are settling in across much of the country from New England to Florida and across the Midwest.

In the Northeast and Great Lakes regions, lake effect snow over the last several days is being measured in feet, not inches.

This is Syracuse which received 8 inches of snow today, up to 25 inches now on the ground. Some parts of western New York have seen as mush as two to three feet.

Western Pennsylvania also in the deep-freeze, blowing snow and drifting making driving extra treacherous.

And that zero visibility has led to numerous accidents across the region.

The jet stream is shoving an arctic dip all the way down to Florida where record low temperatures are expected Wednesday morning.

The deep freeze in the Sunshine State is threatening the strawberry crop where farmers are watering their fields to coat the fruit with a protective blanket of ice.

It's not only crops that are being threatened by the cold.

Ron Conner's fish farm is also in trouble. There's concern he could loose up to 80% of his tropical fish.

Mr. Conner says "it just depends on how warm the sun makes the water today."

An arctic blast stretching across two-thirds of the U.S. with the official start of winter still two weeks away.

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