Winter Snow Storm

Monday, December 27, 2010 - 8:44am

A snow storm has paralyzed areas of the northeast.

With a foot or more of snow, traffic is at a standstill in New York this morning. Fierce winds left visibility at barely a quarter mile.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, "We're doing everything we can in the city to keep our roads safe and clear."

All three of the city's major airports shut down. Travelers there and in Boston ended up spending the night, hoping for a flight home.

One woman at the Boston airport said, "They're all booked, 25-50 people on standby."

Grocery stores and hardware stores were packed.

One worker at a Boston hardware store said, "Rock salt, shovels, sold a lot of 'em."

Atlantic city got 19 inches!

"It's really a blizzard," said one area resident while another said, "It's ridiculous out here. I don't think anybody can make it in this snow!"

To be safe, the Eagles-Vikings game in Philadelphia was canceled amid forecasts that the blizzard would hit right at kickoff.

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter said, "These are probably not the conditions you want to have a game under."

But it wasn't just up North. The South got hammered.

In the Carolinas, southern drivers not used to this much snow tried to have fun and be safe.

One North Carolina driver said, "I'm going to have to drive today, hoping to take it easy."

Nearly a foot of snow fell in Norfolk, Virginia…the third biggest storm there in a century.

It made for a beautiful scene as far south as Georgia.

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