Winter Blast Impact

Wednesday, December 29, 2010 - 9:35am

Travelers remain stranded as airports in the Northeast dig out from the winter storm.

Snow, ice, and a bitter cold wind continue to blow across much of the country right now, the severe weather causing major problems and delays.

Much of the nation remains in the deep freeze this afternoon, severe winter weather causing problems from Maine through the Gulf Coast.

On Sugarloaf Mountain, at least 6 people were injured, dozens more stranded for hours, when winds gusting to more than 50 miles an hour crippled a ski lift there.

Snow continues to cover parts of New York.

As residents continue to dig-out, subway passengers finally got out, stranded for more than 6 hours because of heavy drifts.

And the hours have turned into days for some at LaGuardia Airport.

Tom Bosco, the General Manager of La Guardia Airport, says "it's no fun to spend the night at the airport, but here at the hotel laGuardia we tried to provide the best accommodations we can."

A blanket of snow in Philadelphia was too much for these plows and too tough for the NFL, and city leaders, who delayed the Eagles-Vikings game for two days.

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell said "it goes against everything that football is all about.”

Stadium crews say they will be ready for kickoff tonight.

The chill took a deadly turn in New Orleans, trying to escape the cold. 8 people died in a warehouse fire in the 9th Ward.

Charles Parent of the New Orleans Fire Department said "they were burning trash in a barrel to stay warm so they were overcome by carbon monoxide"

While in Florida, for the third time this month, farmers have been forced to cover their crops with a cocoon of ice trying to save the citrus.

Citrus farmer Steve Lindsey said "mother nature dishes it out we gotta do what we can to protect the crop."

Protection so many are looking for right now as mother nature continues to dish out difficult conditions across the country.

Forecasters say conditions should begin to ease over the next couple of days in many of the hardest hit areas.

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