Will They Burn

Friday, September 10, 2010 - 9:54am

Confusion surrounds church's planned Quran burning.

After a call from the Pentagon and talks with Muslim leaders, Florida Pastor Terry Jones said Thursday evening he'd call off Saturday's Quran-burning.

Hours later Jones accused the Muslim leader standing next to him of lying about whether a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero would be moved as part of the deal to call off the book burning.

Now, Jones says, the event may be back on.

"Right now we plan to meet with the Imam on Saturday. If we meet with him, we will not burn the Qurans - no," Jones said on the Today Show Friday morning.

The florida Imam says he agreed to ask new york investors to move the mosque but never promised it was a done deal.

"He clearly understood that there were no cut deals over there in New York," Iman Muhammad Musri said after Jones accused him of lying.

The New York team says they never agreed.

Complicating things, Donald Trump offered to buy the New York mosque site for 25 percent more than investors paid.

They turned him down.

Federal authorities say from a legal standpoint, there's nothing they can do to stop Saturday's event.

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