Wildfire In Edinburg Burns One Home

Wildfire In Edinburg Burns One Home
Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 4:25pm

EDINBURG- Another fire sparks up once again Tuesday bringing fire crews to the intersection of Alamo Road and Trenton....

"I was inside the house and my dad said come outside there's a fire and as soon as i came out i saw it and it was super high and my parents are elderly so i had to rush them out," said Martin Urbina who lives nearby.

The fire scorching 20 acres and 15 junk cars, threatening over 40 homes sending rapid evacuations for people living in the surrounding area. One person suffered from smoke inhalation and a firefighter was injured.

"He got cut, we were trying to get into a house we were trying to stop the fire from continuing in the roof area and he got cut on some metal," said Edinburg Fire Chief Shaun Snider.

Fire officials said the fire started from an un-authorized burn behind Garcia's recycling center.

"One owner that was cited for burning with out a permit and reckless damage and destruction," said Snider

Martin helped out with getting people out and suffered from smoke inhalation.

"I inhaled a lot of smoke and my voice sounds a little shaky right now," said Urbina

He lives across the street where the fire took place says this isn't the first time the owners has caused a scene.

"People over here that keep burning the trash and they keep getting cited for it and well they really messed up this time..burned one of our brother's house down," said Urbina

The fire is out and crews are making sure the hot spots are also put out. Edinburg Fire Chief says people must comply with the rules of the burn ban...

"How fast the fire can get out of control and lives being threatened property being threatened and its all because of people burning trash and not following directions," said Snider

"They went to far so i hope they do something about it, I hope the authorities do something about it," said Urbina.

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