Wildfire Destroys Homes

Friday, January 20, 2012 - 4:00pm

At least 20 houses have been consumed by the fire burning near Reno, Nevada.

Flames continue to swallow everything in their path outside of Reno, Nevada.

The fires are being fueled by 80 mile-per-hour winds.

"Those are hurricane force winds...extremly difficult working conditions.. visibility was next to nothing," said Reno Fire Chief Michael Hernandez.

What fire fighters can see through the smoke is not good.

At least 20 homes have been damaged or destroyed.

At least one death is being blamed on the blaze that started just after noon Thursday and quickly raged out of control.

Initially at least 10,000 people were evacuated, including Vice President Joe Biden, who could smell the smoke as he spoke at a local high school.

The school gym was quickly converted to a command center for fire fighters.

More than 700 continued to work the front lines Friday fighting to control the flames, and forecasters say they could get some help from the weather.

The winds have leveled off and there's a good chance of snow and rain in the area.

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