Why Am I So Fat Documentary

Thursday, April 5, 2012 - 11:18am

A new documentary covers a man's 200-oound weight loss.

California resident Gabe Evans used to weigh 435 pounds.

In 10 months, Evans has lost 204 pounds.

He has been overweight since elementary school, but said he hasn’t always been concerned about his size.

Then he noticed he began using his weight as an excuse.

“I can’t hang out. Why? And then i would look down at my tummy,” Evans said.

Evans lost about 75 pounds three months into his weight loss.

It was then that he began to film his weight loss documentary, “Why am I So Fat?”

Evans is raising money through the website indiegogo.com to fund his documentary, which features four other people.

The project has 46 days left to reach $10,000, a goal they are more than half way to reaching.

Evans has been establishing a new relationship with food by working with Tony Hale, a personal trainer and nutrition specialist who said people need to pay close attention to what they are eating.

While he doesn’t have a goal weight in mind, Evans said he’ll know when he’s hit the mark.

“It’s not going to be: I get to my goal and I stop,” he said. “‘Cause that’s not the mentality you have to have of being happy and healthy.”

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