Whoops Wrong Roof

Friday, November 26, 2010 - 3:12pm

Construction crew rips roof off wrong house, flees.

While most of us will just turn the knob up on the thermostat to deal with freezing temperatures, there is one couple in Broomfield, Colorado who won't be able to turn the knob high enough to combat the cold.

That's because much to their surprise, they now have half a roof.

On Tuesday neighbors saw a company removing shingles and then stopping midway through.

The couple says they never ordered a new roof and they still don't know what happened.

"We don't have a roof. We have a 3-year old with no roof, and its cold, and supposed to snow," homeowner Rick Peterson said.

Peterson says he'd expect a call from his neighbor saying your garage is open, or someone's breaking in, but never this.

"She asked if I was supposed to get a new roof, and I said no, and I came home, and I didn't have a roof. I thought it was a prank, or a joke," Peterson said.

After a night of no answers, Peterson's wife Monique McCue called Broomfield Police.

Peterson said police told them the people living in a house up the street got a permit for a new roof and construction on the roof was suppose to start this week.

So, crazy coincidence, or is it more?

For right now, no one has proof one way or the other.

"It'd take 2, 3, 4 days to get a company out here to put one on. With the holiday, I don't know when they'll be out here," Peterson said.

Broomfield Police say without proof of a malicious intent they can't treat this as a criminal investigation.

Luckily the Petersons have homeowners insurance, and they are planning on filing a claim.

They say they just hope their premiums don't skyrocket.

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