Who Will Be the Cameron County Judge?

Thursday, November 25, 2010 - 8:15am

Decisions on the Cameron County Judge race have taken many twists and many turns, Election's Administrator, Roger Ortiz, admitted to making a mistake in the re-count on November 12th and 13th when one tally sheet from Precinct 54 was not counted.

Yet another mistake is alleged, Republican incumbent judge, Carlos Cascos said Monday evening that 69 straight Republican ticket ballots from Port Isabel and Cameron Park were not counted. A re-count of the precinct was completed on Tuesday afternoon at the Elections office. Ortiz, along with representatives from both parties carrying two boxes from the precinct and after the re-count Ortiz announced the numbers remained the same.

This does not include the 69 votes Cascos believes were left out, he says Commissioners Court will meet next Thursday during their regular county meeting. In that meeting, they will canvass the votes and Ortiz should have rectified the second error. If he does, Cascos should be announced the winner since he'll be ahead by 64 votes.

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