Who ordered campaigners to be moved?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 11:20am

Early voting ended on Tuesday, NewsCenter 23 reporter Natassia Finley reports it wasn't a smooth day for some campaigners when police forced them to move.

They've been here all week, in fact they've campaigned here for years, during election season, but on Tuesday they were forced to rethink their location.

Allegedly several officers came by the location this morning saying that city attorney Mark Sossi ordered them to move because it was against city ordinance. An officer even showed some of the campaigners a card with the ordinance they were supposedly violating.

Both Sossi and the Brownsville Police Chief Orlando Rodriguez knew nothing of it, "My office has not taken any action to stop anybody from demonstrating or putting up political signs and campaigning. Where people are legally permitted to campaign."

Besides that, the state election code would supercede any local ordinance we may hold.

Meanwhile, no word on who was really behind getting the campaigners to move, they hope they won't be hassled come election day when they are out, once again campaigning.

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