White powdery substance found at Federal facility

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POSTED: Thursday, June 13, 2013 - 5:09pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 14, 2013 - 8:30am

"It's stopping everything, they are not letting you do your job." said truck driver Oscar Martinez.

Oscar Martinez is a truck driver who traveled from San Antonio to Brownsville to drop off a shipment at company called Dura. He was hoping to make a routine drop off and head back to San Antonio, but police blocked off South Vermillion road after a report of suspicious package at the US Logistics facility that brought a halt to all truck traffic.

The Brownsville Hazmat team was called to the scene after a white powdery substance was found in an envelope in the mailroom.
"We are still running some tests to determine exactly what it is, but at this point it's negative for what they thought was to believed to be Ricin." said Officer Jose Trevino.

Brownsville police says the Hazmat crew did run some tests and has confirmed the substance is non-lethal.

Brownsville Emergency Management coordinator Jeff Johnston says US logistics is a federal facility.

"They work with the United States State Department to deliver packages to state department facilities south of Brownsville into facilities like Mexico and South America, and this a package was going to be processed and to be delivered to a state facility, and was reviewed in this site."

Brownsville police say the package was heading to a facility in Mexico.
Jason Higgins works for a logistics company that is right next to US Logistics. He says workers always need to be on alert.

"When anything happens and happens on a national level you have to be leery on what's going on and try to focus on the safety of the people within in this industry because they are really the victim's here." said Higgins.

The FBI, the Transportation Security Administration, and Brownsville police department are investigating where the package came from and what the substance is.
Around 1pm truck drivers were once again allowed to go in and out of South Vermillion road.
Martinez says he just wants to drop off his shipment and get back on the road.

"The sooner you get back the sooner you can get home."said Martinez.

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