When Push Comes To Shove

Friday, July 1, 2011 - 8:39am

Mom delivers baby on side of road during rush to the hospital.

Alissia Krowicki's labor started like any other with contractions about five minutes apart.

It's the ending that will have her family talking for generations.

"So I'm going to the hospital on Route 12 and we got to Walmart," Krowicki said. "My water broke."

By the time Alissia and her boyfriend got to a nearby Carl's Furniture City, it became clear that the baby wasn't waiting.

The couple's Nissan was transformed into a labor and delivery room, without the labor.

"I flung my seat belt off and put my feet up on the dashboard like you do in the hospital and I pushed," Alissia said. "The first time her head came out, I checked to see if the cord was around her neck because she wasn't crying. It wasn't around and I pushed again and she came out."

The couple finally made it to the Birthplace at Saint Luke's hospital in Utica, New York with the umbilical cord still attached.

"They rushed us in on a stretcher in the E.R.," she said. "They cut the cord quick to make sure everything was okay because it was attached for about ten minutes."

Everything was okay.

Macy Doolen was six pounds, two ounces and 20 inches of pink, perfect impatience, leaving only one question unanswered - if someone was actually getting paid for this.

"I'm not paying a doctor," Alissia said of her boyfriend's reaction. "That's what he says, 'Do we have to pay for the doctor bill?' I said 'I hope not, because I delivered!"

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