What Will Million Buy

Friday, February 10, 2012 - 3:59pm

One lucky Powerball winner could soon find out.

With a total jackpot of $310 million, Powerball has everyone dreaming big.

"A projector, a computer projector on the wall, like a full studio theater in my room," said regular Powerball player Mark Sweeney.

"I don't know, I'd like to have some lions too. I like lions. I'd have my own, you know? Maybe start a show?" added Justin Tripode, a West Palm Beach, Florida resident with big, albeit, slightly dangerous dreams.

You can easily roll off the lot in a couple of exotic cars, without breaking your bank.

"I believe these are always aspirational cars. These are things that dreams are made of. Obviously if someone wakes up with an awful lot of money, I hope they come and see us," said Hugh Bate, the president of Chariots of Palm Beach.

Of course, if you are the lucky winner, luxury cars and expensive jewelry only add up to a small fraction of your newly acquired fortune.

Why not go for the big house too?

There's quite a steal on a $24,000,000 dollar home on Palm Beach.

The 11,000 square foot, two story home is definitely well outside the "normal" range, but if seven bedrooms and over nine bathrooms are too much, I guess you could make do with something smaller.

"Get myself a three bedroom house on the lake....something nice, nothing too crazy," said Jeff Dougan, a West Palm resident with simpler tastes.

No matter what you purchase however, just make sure you don't forget, those closest to you.

"I'd definitely have to take care of the family. Probably take care of a few friends....and then I'd probably retire....at 20," said Peter Johnson, a West Palm Beach resident, and potential early retiree.

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