What Went Wrong

Thursday, April 14, 2011 - 2:25pm

Friends and family can't explain why mother drowned herself and three children.

The family of LaShanda Armstrong is in mourning, struggling to understand what made the 25-year-old mom load her four children in a minivan and drive into the Hudson River.

"Something got under her and clipped her where she felt that there was nothing left," says brother Lenny Armstrong.

Her three youngest, ages 5, 2, and 11 months died.

Her oldest, 10-year-old LaShaun, fought his way out in those frantic minutes by rolling down the window and swimming to safety.

He then flagged down Meave Ryan, who was driving by the scene at the time.

Ryan drove the boy to a nearby fire station.

She says he told her his mom held them together in the back seat planning to die, but changed her mind.

"At the end she wanted to go to the driver's side and try to reverse out but it was too late, but he saw his mother going up to driver's side saying 'I made a mistake, I made a mistake!'" she says.

Police say they may never know what made Armstrong snap, but are looking into a possible domestic dispute between the mom and father of her three youngest children that occurred shortly before the tragedy.

Her siblings say in the final weeks the usually cheerful armstrong began to show a different side, more nervous, afraid and overly apologetic.

"She started calling family and just being grieveful, you know apologizing and just saying sorry and nobody knew why," says Lenny Armstrong.

A family left with so many questions, along with the pain of losing so much.

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