Whale rescue caught on tape

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 - 11:01am

Take a look at this!

A massive whale trapped some 50 miles off the coast of Virginia beach, a local fisherman and experienced diver decides to help the whale tangled in fishing rope.

Adrian Colaprete jumps into the water from his boat nearby, fearlessly, he cuts the lines and frees the whale, "I got him. Hey I cut the... it's gone."

It's a whale of a tale this fisherman won't forget.

Alright, meet Shadow, a service dog from Utah, who likes to feel the wind beneath his paws.

His hand gliding owner realized quickly that Shadow doesn't like being left alone or on the ground, so Shadow's owner built a hang glider they could use together.

High above the ground Shadow appears to hold on to his owner with his paws and seems to enjoy flying, "Did you have fun...?"

This is quite the wedding bouquet toss. Newlywed and bride Natasha Jones decides to be a human slingshot.

Attached to red bungee cords, while her husband drives a four wheeler to fire her off.

Flying back and forth she finally throws the bouquet, but her husband Jacob couldn't let her have all the fun.

He throws the garter, all while keeping his cowboy hat on!

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