Weslaco Police Warn About Recent Fraud Scams

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 11:00am

WESLACO - Arlene Anselmin is 68 and has lived in Texas for 20 years without any problems, but just a few days ago she almost fell victim to a $20 thousand home repair scam.

"I never called anybody, I never invited anyone over. How it all started a guy came to the house and said I am going to check your chimney roof, and he said it's all under warranty," said Arlene Anselmin, Home Owner.

But it wasn't under warranty. The men were there to scam Anselmin.

Anselmin thought things were fishy after writing two expensive checks, Anselmin called the police and told her neighbors.

"They were already walking into her house, and I asked them what they were doing and they said they had business with the misses and I said no you need to leave here right now, the police have been contacted and so has the manager and they left," said Connie Duffy, Anselmin's Neighbor.

But this isn't the only case. Another Weslaco home paid $550 to have their roof weather proofed. And the faulty results can already be seen from these so called scam artists, as paint from the "weather proofing" is already peeling off. That's because it was just white paint.

Police officers said to be careful with scam telephone calls too.

"They are very vague about information, they'll try to fish information out of the victim, to see what information they can get, names of family members, they'll say somebody is dead, they'll somebody was in a major accident, they need help for medical purposes," said Danny Elizondo, Weslaco Police PIO.

Police said the main targets are the elderly, but that everyone needs to be careful and use common sense.

"If you haven't seen somebody in 10, 15 years it's pretty strange for them to be calling you all of a sudden needing money. Don't send any money," said Elizondo.

"Be on guard who ever comes to your house, unless it's somebody you know. This guy caught me off guard, out of the clear blue," said Anselmin.

Weslaco police said to call Crime Stoppers at 956-968-8477 if you have any information on any fraud scams.

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