Wendy Davis continues visit in the Valley while pro-life activists rally

Wendy Davis continues visit in the Valley while pro-life activists rally
Wednesday, November 6, 2013 - 5:12pm

Texas Senator Wendy Davis made her first trip to the Rio Grande Valley this week, her first time in the area since announcing her race for governor.  She sat down with Newscenter 23 to discuss her visit to the Valley.

"I heard from educators, as well as students, who shared their personal stories with me of the challenges that they're facing," said Davis.  "Uniquely so, here in the Valley--in the Rio Grande Valley--there are many students who are in school who are actually already parents themselves.

"I was in that same situation and I know how hard it is to try to care for a child, work in a job so you have a way to put food on the table and at the same time be focusing on trying to improve your life through education."

Sen. Davis's visit to the upper Valley today focused on education, but many locals wanted to call attention to another issue on Davis's agenda.

Davis is well-known for being a women's rights activist and was recently vocal about supporting pro-choice legislation at the Texas capital a few months ago.

This morning while Davis met with education representatives at Diaz Diner in Mission, a pro-life group gathered outside the restaurant with signs. 

And a clear message.

"We know that she is an enemy of children in the womb," said Juan Lemus, a pro-life activist.  "And that's why we are here because we wanna send a message to her that she should respect the life of the unborn."

Those gathered outside Diaz Diner were in peaceful protest, praying the rosary out loud and showcasing several pro-life messages.

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