Weekend Fire in McAllen Leaves Many Homeless, Fire Marshal Investigating

Tuesday, September 6, 2011 - 8:24am

MCALLEN - A weekend apartment fire in McAllen destroyed more than 50 homes leaving residents with nothing but their loved ones.

It started at 5:04 Sunday morning  on 1212 E. Dallas Avenue. When fire crews arrived on scene they immediately had to call for backup because the fire was moving so quickly.

Residents say the scene was chaotic. People were doing anything they could to escape the flames, some even jumped out of windows.

Fire officials are still investigating to identify the cause of the fire and they are also looking into the last fire code inspection of the building. Residents there say there were no fire extinguishers to fight the flames.

A total of 12 residents were injured and one fire fighter. No was died as a result of the fire.

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