Wearable tech: Google Glass

Friday, June 14, 2013 - 1:55pm

With Google Glass making its way into the hands of a first wave of users, tech that you can wear has been getting a lot of attention. But like any new realm of gadgets, there are some questions. Karin Caifa takes a look at the trend, in our Clicked In.

It's seen as the next tech frontier. Technology you actually wear, rather than just carry around. "I think we've moved from desktop to mobile to tablet, and now we're just going to be wearing our computers."

Google Glass developers like Washington's Silica Labs see a potential for apps in health care and law enforcement. Personal fitness, another category, but in addition to creating buzz, wearable tech is also creating some privacy concerns.

A recent survey by cloud computing operator Rackspace found the majority of wearable tech users said it's enhanced their lives in some way, but among those hesitant to adopt it, 51% cited privacy as a barrier.

"Google Glass and wearable tech have a sort of always on feature. Whereas with smartphones if you wanted to take a picture or take a video you had to hold the device out in front of your in a somewhat obvious way."

Along with surveillance, the electronic privacy information center cites data collection and access to that data, stored in the cloud, as chief concerns. In addition to certain designs features, Google has also laid out rules for developers, among them, no facial recognition.

"We as developers try to follow those policies, and we follow the golden rule of technology, which is, Try not to be creepy"

Like any new technology, early adopters see users eventually getting used to it all.

"Once people have developed software for it that'll change our lives, I think we'll forget what life was like before we had these things."

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