Washington State: Pot sales rules

Thursday, September 5, 2013 - 1:00pm

Marijuana goes retail! Officials in Washington State have given the green light to a plan that may make pot available in some stores next year, Keith Eldridge reports.

What the state liquor control board did for regulating alcohol sales, it's now going to do for regulation marijuana sales Sharon Foster, Washington Liquor Control Board, "Whoever would have thunk..."

Foster said the issue went from causing giggles, to the passing of 1502, to issuing of final rules for the legal selling of marijuana.

Chris Marr, Washington Liquor Control Board, "hopefully this will be the final draft of these historic rules which will create a very tightly regulated recreational marijuana system which the voters envisioned last November."

The board said the maximum production space will be 2 million square feet, roughly 425 basketball courts, there will be a limit of 334 retail outlets statewide, based on population.

For instance King County will get 61 with 21 of them in Seattle, Pierce County will get 31 with 8 in Tacoma.

Jeff Call of Tacoma's Stonegate Pizza hopes to get at least one of them, "I mean the people voted it in." And you'd like to be part of it? "I'd like to be part of it. I could use a little revenue."

Call is no stranger to the industry having opened what is believed to have been the state's first legal marijuana club, No Smoke Just Vapor, "It was more like a wine tasting party. It's not like an opium den where people were passed out."

The board says the question of a federal crackdown on marijuana use was laid to rest when the U.S. Attorney General said as long as it's kept away from kids and driving while impaired laws are enforced, they'll stay away.

Ruthanne Kurose, Washington Liquor Control Board, "I'm hopeful and it was really heartening to hear out Attorney General Eric Holder."

Sharon Foster, Washington Liquor Control Board, "We have done something that is making history."

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