Washington Monument Examination

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 2:30pm

Engineers are inspecting the damages made to the Washington Monument from last month's earthquake.

For the second day, inspectors dangled from the Washington Monument searching for any damage from last month’s earthquake.

"They need to examine all the stones at close range," said National Service Spokesperson Bill Line.

In this case, close range is nowhere close to the ground.

Hanging out more than 500 feet in the air, the crew has found evidence of stress from the quake.

“They found loose mortar, loose grouting, some cracks. they have identified areas of interest
that need further examination," explained Line.

Which means the high-wire act will continue for at least a few more days, giving some DC tourists a unique photo opportunity during their visit to the historic city.

"I had to put the zoom lens on so I could get the little guys up there so I could see them.
I figured it would be a unique shot because you don't get to see that everyday" said Florida native Mike Schnelle.

But the most unique perspective has to be from the four who continue their work along the sides of the monument.

A national treasure shaken, but still standing.

Something this team wants to make sure will continue for generations to come.

Engineers have already determined the monument is still structurally sound.

It’s not going to fall but will remain closed indefinitely as they continue to determine the extent of damage from the quake.

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