The War on Mexican Drug Cartels

Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 10:53am

Mexican drug war resembles Colombia in early 1990s says DEA agent.

Since 2006 the war on Mexican drug cartels has been responsible for more than 55,000 deaths.

“They will use whatever they can to send their dope to the United States and they will kill whoever they can,” says DEA special agent Javier Pena.

Pena, who was a part of the operation that overthrew Pablo Escobar in the early 1990s, spoke with the Brownsville Police Department on Wednesday about his experience in dealing with drug traffickers. He says the current war on Mexican drug cartels is compatible to the situation in Medellin, Colombia almost twenty years ago.

“We are seeing a lot of loads coming through. We are seeing the new organizations so our challenge right now is trying to put these people away.”

Pena believes that both capturing and extraditing these criminals is the key to winning the war.

“These traffickers that live outside the U.S. the only thing they fear is a jail cell in the United States,” says Pena.

On Tuesday, federal police in Mexico arrested Ramiro Pozos Gonzalez. Gonzalez is the alleged leader and founder of La Resistencia Cartel.

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