"Vision" leads woman to missing boy's body

Friday, July 12, 2013 - 7:42am

Woman says psychic vision led her to body of missing 11-year-old boy in California.

An Orange County, California woman helped lead police to the remains of a missing 11-year-old boy.

She has no connection to the case, and she says it was her intuition that caused her to get involved in the investigation.

"I believe that we all have a sixth sense or an intuitive ability. We just learn not to use it or we learn to ignore it. We just haven't ignored it.

When Pam Ragland was at her South Orange County home and saw two straight days of news reports about missing Menifee 11 year old Terry Smith, she said she suddenly had a vision in her head of where she thought the missing boy was, a vision her daughter shared.

"So I saw this boy being under a tree and I saw a big, and I knew the city was behind him kinda or off to the side. And I couldn't find out why he wasn't moving. It really never occurred to me that he wasn't alive."

"I saw something also like in my mind and it looked like the same type of tree, ground and him just laying there."

Before long, Ragland and her kids were in the car making her hour and a half trip to Menifee to join in the search.

There they met an off-duty l-a county fireman who offered to drive them around, which they did for about three hours.

"So finally we came across this one area and there was this building and he said 'Well I wonder if he could be behind the building?' And we drove around the other side of the building and I said. 'That's the building that I saw."

The building was a marker, she said, leading them to the spot they'd been looking for.

"It turns out it was the boy's family's property, but we didn't know that."

After getting permission from the family, they went on the property to search further.

"We walked up to the top and there was a single tree. And then I smelled something."

"It smelled like a dead animal."

"I looked at it and I said that's not an animal. That look like a human head. And it literally was like the top of his head and you could see the hair. It matched the pictures, it was a little bit longer. You could see the crown of the head. He had been there for a while."

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