Victim Involved In Street Fight Speaks To News Center 23

POSTED: Thursday, February 26, 2009 - 11:24pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 25, 2010 - 12:32pm

A bloody fight breaks out in the streets of downtown Brownsville, during today's Charro Days children's parade.
The fiesta goes on tonight, after a brief scare on Washington street.
Excitement at today's Charro Day's kids parade, quickly turned into fright and chaos.
Border patrol agents armed with loaded guns rushed to the downtown market square bus station, to help police break up the brawl.
Families crouched in fear, in front of nearby restaurants, to keep themselves out of harm's way.
At first, witnesses say they heard gun fire.
But Brownsville Police say, those reports were not true.
"No shots fired, there were no gun shots fired."
Police say they took a group of five young males involved in the fight, into custody.
At this time, they believe it could be gang-related.
"What happened is I got hit with a numbchuck and i was with my girlfriend in the parade."
16-year old, Francisco Sanchez says he was enjoying the parade, until all of a sudden, he was attacked by a group of guys.
His mom, Trinidad De Leon says, she got upset.
"My son was hurt over there in the parade, they said he was hit in the head with i don't know what."
But police say there were no weapons to be found.
"There are no confirmed reports of anyone seeing a weapon or anything of that nature."
Brownsville Police Chief Carlos Garcia wants to ensure everyone, they have nothing to worry about.
"I don't think it's dangerous at all. I think it's safe. We got plenty of police and border patrol agents out here, helping us out."
And with Today's panic at the parade, Police hope it won't ruin anyone's Charro Day fun.
"I would say for the next few days, we're gonna have a safe charro days," Chief Garcia says.
Brownsville Mayor Pat Ahumada says today's incident, was just a fight between students.
He says, he doesn't want anyone to be alarmed, because no gun shots were fired, it was just a case of rumors running wild.

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