Verizon iPhone Here Finally

Thursday, February 10, 2011 - 9:52am

Today's the day the iPhone 4 climbs aboard the largest wireless network...with millions of customers waiting.

Doors are opening early this morning at Verizon stores nationwide for the expected onslaught of customers who can start buying Verizon’s version of Apple's iPhone 4.

"We anticipate high demand”, predicts Karen Schulz of Verizon Wireless. “We have 94 million customers who now have access to this device."

What also starts today, though, are the comparisons: how does iPhone perform on Verizon versus AT&T?

As iPhone's exclusive carrier up until now, AT&T came under fire for a weak network that resulted in too many dropped calls.

Verizon says their network will be superior because of $60 billion spent over the last 10 years on improving their infrastructure.

"Our network is ready”, declares Schulz. “We can handle the traffic, and we're excited about having the iPhone users on there."

Verizon lags, however, in that its phone can't perform simultaneous voice-data functions, and offers less overseas service than AT&T.

Where Verizon has a big leg up: the ability to create a personal Wi-Fi hotspot.

"If you have additional devices that use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet, the Verizon phone is going to give you that ability to be able to do that while you're on the road", says Suzanne Kantra if Techilicious.

The real test for Verizon begins right now, as an estimated one million new iPhone users will join its network in the first week alone.

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