Valley Schools Educating Children on Obesity

Thursday, December 2, 2010 - 10:11am

Obesity rates among children have tripled in the last three decades, some people blame it on bad eating habits, while others say it's the lack of exercise. Schools across the Valley have developed programs to teach kids about both.

A lot of children's activities these days such as video games or watching TV don't seem to require much moment and according to recent reports children are less active today than at any other time in American history. Schools across the Valley are keeping students active by putting a new spin on exercising, from jumping jacks to basketball and even dancing.

The goal of these programs is to not only teach children about exercising but also about nutrition and educating how both work in fighting obesity. Even though schools are paying more attention to the obesity issue, according to P.E coach Elma Loya, keeping kids at a healthy weight starts at home.

National leaders are also paying attention, First Lady Michelle Obama recently started the Lets Move Initiative, military leaders are pushing Congress to pass a nutrition bill, all in hopes of bringing healthier foods and more exercise to local schools.

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