Valley Responders Train with Incident Command Systems

Wednesday, November 16, 2011 - 10:04am

CAMERON COUNTY - A new government system is now being implemented throughout the Valley to help local officials become better equipped with handling emergency situations.

Cameron County Emergency Management officials say Incident Command Systems will mainly be used to help city leaders and first responders to become more efficient during emergencies like hurricanes or even spill over violence from the border.

Cameron County Emergency Coordinator Humberto Barrera says, "These trainings allow all the first responders to speak in one voice when it comes to an emergency and be able to adapt to all situations without having to have different codes for fighting a certain situation. This is basically one language that everybody understands and it is very important that we continue updating our employees with the information."

According to Barrera, more than 130 local officials throughout Cameron county will be updated on the new emergency training.

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