Valley residents wake up to frost on their vehicles

NEWSCENTER 23/Gina Castillo
Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 9:24am

You don't see frost often the Valley, so many were surprised on Monday morning, Matt Fernandez reports some people had to scrape their windshields.

Viewers sent in pictures to our Facebook page from Brownsville to Edinburg sending photos of frost on their cars, it formed on the windows even though temperatures were above freezing on Monday morning.

Barry Goldsmith, Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Brownsville stated, "There was this white stuff that people could see on a car window or rooftop and they were hearing the air temperature was close to 40 degrees. You are asking why is that so, it's the radiant properties of these elements, roofs, shingles, grass blades that allow the temperature of them to fall to the freezing point while the humidity around that was trying to break 100 percent hits saturated, at freezing turned to ice that's why you saw a icy look versus a dew look."

Goldsmith says this is frost is not that uncommon this time of the year, "To have one occur during the winter is not unusual, in a case like this where it gets clear and calm the air temperature is a little above 32 degrees, but right at those surfaces that radiates at or just below 32 degrees you have that at least once a winter here in the Valley."

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