Valley Hospitals Ranked Top In The Nation

Thursday, January 27, 2011 - 9:45am

BROWNSVILLE- The Rio Grande Valley has been named one of the best places to be if you need hospital care according to a new online survey.

The online survey published Wednesday from HealthGrades, which is is an organization that provides health care ratings on hospitals, nursing homes and physicians, ranked hospitals in the Lower and Upper valley as #2 in the nation.  Dr. Rick May, who authored the study, said that 94% of Americans would seek medical attention at a top-rated hospital.

"We rate hospitals all across the country in about 26 clinical areas. and then based on those ratings we actually able to determine what we call our distinguished hospitals for clinical excellence, which is the top five percent of hospitals nation wide," said May. "Patients are saying if I have to pay my own money then I'm really going to be sure I really get quality."

According to HealthGrades, people are now aware of quality differences between hospitals and are seeking hospitals that know quality is paramount and not have to travel too far to get it.

"But the way that it breaks down in the Brownsville area you all have several hospitals right there in a reasonable driving distance of Brownsville itself where patients can actually go to if they wanted to be able to get great performing hospital right there in the community."

Arturo Rodriguez, who is the Public Health Director for the City of Brownsville, was delighted to hear the our area was ranked in the top. He said, the report indicates our hospitals are less likely to have death related procedures and have a lower risk on complications compared to other hospitals in the nation.

"You get the same level of care in our area and have the same positive outcome you would have anywhere else in the country," Rodriguez said.

HealthGrades surveyed nearly 15,000 people on their website to get the conclusions of these findings.

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