Valley hospital tests emergency readiness


POSTED: Friday, August 16, 2013 - 2:54pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 17, 2013 - 1:31pm

One Valley hospital is training to be better prepared for the unexpected.

Doctors Hospital at Renaissance is ensuring their staff is ready for anything that comes their way.  Recent events prompted the hospital to conduct an emergency simulation to resemble what would happen if there was a sudden influx of trauma patients.

"We're doing this in the light of so much that has been going on with disasters, mass casualties, some of the live shooters, big accidents," said Marissa Castaneda, Chief Operations Officer at DHR.

The staff was not made aware of the drill in order to provide amore authentic situation and properly test their reaction to what was happening.

"There were a few of us that knew about it, but primarily it was to catch them on any given day under normal working circumstances to come in with an emergent crisis," Castaneda stated.

The mock scenario involves 21 students suffering injuries from a serious bus accident.  Students from Robert Vela High School acted as the patients and were given fake injuries, ranging from minor to severe injuries.  One "patient" was simulated coming in dead on arrival.  Others had scrapes and bruises while some students played patients with head trauma and lacerations. 

Local police and fire departments also participated in this drill.  With the hospital still functioning in normal operation, the staff managed to handle both the simulation patients as well as real life emergencies.

"We take great pride in a lot of the training and the extra efforts in training for disasters and emergency management to our staff," said Castaneda.  "We're really excited that so many of our local entities came together."

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