UTPA Students & Faculty React to Senate Vote

Wednesday, May 11, 2011 - 9:23am

In order to prevent a tragic incident like Virginia Tech, lawmakers have been shooting around ideas on how to keep students safe.
Yesterday, the Texas Senate voted to allow students to carry weapons on campus if they have a license.
aAvote that doesn't seem to be sitting well with some upper valley students and faculty.

{sot}robert nelson
"we always want to have a safe university. allowing concealed guns on our campus will not create a safe environment, it will do the opposite."

Robert Nelson, President of UTPA, says that between the ages of 17-25 people are 40% more likely to commit suicide using a gun, if its available.
He believes guns don't belong on any campus and having them puts more students at risk.

The vote has received mixed reviews, not just here in Texas but across the nation. Several students here at UTPA agree with their President, guns just don't belong in the hands of students.

Many students at utpa say the thought of guns on their campus makes them uneasy.

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