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POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2013 - 9:45am

UPDATED: Saturday, May 11, 2013 - 1:01pm

A non-profit group based in Mission is grateful to a group of UTPA business management majors for coming up with a plan that will help the organization improve the living conditions of many Valley families that live in poverty. Here's Sandra Quintanilla with this week's News Center 23 report.

The Torres' live in this tiny run down make shift shack. Their six young children sleep separately in another dilapidated shed put up nearby. The Penitas family and many others across the Valley face similar hardships, but their future is hopeful thanks to a community outreach project taken on by these UTPA undergraduate students in their Business Consulting Practicum Course. The team members who dubbed themselves "The Super 7 Consulting Group" developed a comprehensive marketing and advertising campaign to help promote a program called "House Builds" for Buckner National Missions. The non-profit organization and subsidiary of the Rio Grande Children's Home had expressed concern about the need for more volunteers and donations to continue building homes for the needy in the colonias. So, "Super 7" took up the challenge.

Lucas Herandez, Business Management Major, "We wanted to help Buckner meet their goal of building 15 homes a year and increasing that number every year, so what we did is we developed a marketing plan and we provided them with contact information for vendors and suppliers and volunteers."

After finalizing their project, the "Super 7" presented its marketing campaign to leaders of Buckner National Missions. The students impressed the staff and were thanked for putting together a well thought out plan. They say they're confident they will be able to reach out to families like the Garcia's who desperately need help.

Javier Perez, Buckner National Missions Manager, "When these students come up with these type of projects, it's not only a class project, it really is an impact they will make in the lives of these families and so by helping us get more funding, more volunteers, they're helping us connect these families to a better life and a better future and at the end they will help us break the cycle of poverty."

Instructor Jody Nelsen, wife of UTPA President Robert Nelsen, clearly saw the passion in her students and how this experience will help them when they're out in the real world.

Jody Nelsen, Business Consulting Practicum Course Instructor, "I think the students mainly learned a lot about marketing in this project and how important it is to have good awareness of your organization in order to be successful and the different ways that you can do that. I think that's the primary thing that they got out of this, social media, websites, marketing plan, advertising all of those things"

While the project was a class assignment and a grade for the students, they say the experience was well worth it.

Travis Neslony, Business Management Major, "It's great that we can do this, even though I'm getting class credit, I feel like I can do this on my own time outside of class. Leaves a good feeling inside whenever you're able to help families that are in need.

I'm Sandra Quintanilla reporting for UTPA and News Center 23.

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