UTPA Host King Tut Exhibit

Thursday, September 29, 2011 - 8:53am

Valley residents are taking advantage of a unique opportunity and exploring the splendors of a boy Pharoah's life at the newest exhibit that recently opened on the campus at the University of Pan American in Edinburg, Sandra Quintanilla was this week's UTPA report.

In life, Tutankhamun was one of the least esteemed of Egypt's pharaohs toserver in the mid 1300's BC, but in death he has become the most renowned and famous legends around the world. King Tut, as he is referred to today, has risen in popularity mostly due in part to the extraordinary discovery of the young Egyptian leader's tomb in the Valley of the Kings' in 1922, more than three thousand years after he was laid to rest.

For more information on the exhibit visit: http://portal.utpa.edu/utpa_main/dess_home/admissions_home_new/visit_hom...

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